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     To the added discomfort of her mother, Ashley Wade was born with sketchbook and pencil in hand, ready to start her journey as an artist. Her most influential moment in carving the path of her career, may have been at the age of 4, when she noticed a tattoo on her Great Grandfather's forearm. It opened her eyes to a world she would only be able to dream about for almost 2 decades. When she finally found an opportunity to apprentice at a local tattoo shop, she never let go, and continues to work very hard to hone her craft. 


     She uses a combination of new school imagery, with a surrealistic feel and darker undertones. She utilizes her skill and knowledge to give her clients a tattoo, or piece of art, that they will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. 


     You can be assured your art is unique, because she wont duplicate original material.

Some of the subject matter she specializes in, includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Reptiles and Dinosaurs 

  • Cartoon characters 

  • Animals 

  • Funny/Out-of-the-ordinary ideas 

  • Video game nostalgia 

Please visit the contact page for more information regarding tattoos, art, or any other questions.

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